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How to Make Your Formal Meditation Practice More Effective

Meditation is something we should learn to practice, not just in formal meditation, but all the time. But, for our formal, sitting meditation practice, preparation is most important. Is there not a saying, “Well begun is half done?” We often don’t begin well. We don’t take care of the cause that disturbs the mind.

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The Art of What is Needed

What is often drawn from this teaching is the idea of being uninterested in the fruits of your own labor. The idea is that you do things for the love of it, for the joy of giving, forget fantasizing about the praise and the paycheck, just do your best and enjoy the journey. This is what we do at the end of every yoga class and meditation  -  we send the benefits of our practice to others. Our practice is not to improve the look of our body, although this may come our practice's purpose is to share whatever comes with one and all.

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