Personal yoga classes from the ease and comfort of your own home.

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Yoga at home was a revelation! I had been tired and stressed always running around the city, too busy to take care of myself. I wasn’t enjoying my life. It was all work. This was the game-changer.
— Jennifer G

Private Yoga at Home

Private Yoga at Home

Yoga for Stress Relief

If you are a busy New Yorker and you are tired of living with stress, I bring the solution to you! Perhaps you are experiencing anxiety or depression, or you are just burned out and need to re-calibrate. In your private yoga classes you learn how to enjoy your life again.

Private Yoga at Home

Yoga for Flexibility

If you want to begin yoga and feel you are not flexible enough, not strong enough, not…enough, I am here to set you free! Not only will you find strength and flexibility, you will tap into energy, balance and ease!

Brooklyn Private Yoga for arthritis

Yoga for Pain Relief

I have created in-home yoga programs for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, cancer and PTSD. Every system of the body benefits from yoga and is very helpful for most diseases and chronic conditions. I value and welcome collaboration with your doctors.

Best Beginners Yoga NYC

In-home yoga lessons with Ann-Marie have been truly transformational, building my confidence and nourishing my spirit. Each lesson was unique and attentively tailored to my goals and intentions. As a beginner at yoga, I felt at ease with her encouragement, support, patient instruction, and good humor. Her soulful use of sound meditation deepened the experience memorably. Very grateful to have found such a gifted teacher!
— Annie M.